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When we decide to work together, CHICKMELIONbyDesign will be asking some marketing related questions: product, price, promotion already in effect and distribution. Just to get a feel for who you are and what your branding specific advantages are that we can best communicate. As well as a general idea of who your competition is.

This information is what we are going to use to come up with the most effective plan for your promotional vehicle.

Yeah... we're going to discuss money, there is no real way around it but we are open for discussion! We do accept PayPal and cheque or money orders should be made out to: CARLA DUMMERAUF

DOWN PAYMENTS: For jobs quoted $550.00 or more I will require a 10% down payment up front. I will email a statement outlining the work agreed upon and will commence work as soon as the deposit is received. On jobs that are less than $500.00 a statement will be sent as soon as the job is completed.

We provide a 30 day grace period after the date stamped on the emailed statement, after that a 2% monthly finance charge will be applied to any outstanding balance.

On projects $300.00 or more, you can opt in for the 10FOR10 initiative, where we will deduct 10% off of the agreed (initial) total price if you agree to give 10% of the (initial) total price to a charity of your choosing. (We have a few for you to pick from). This is how it works... we agree on a $500.00 cost for a design, you give $50.00 towards a charity (we require a copy of the receipt!) and then you will only owe $400.00 on your design. Plus you become a hero to us! And we will talk about it on our social sites.... guaranteed!

We have been known to discount small jobs and ask that 100% of the payments go towards the DEZINZforHumanity initiative (a charity of your choice from our list of charities.)

We will rewrite and redesign what ever changes you desire and you do not pay for a thing (unless you make changes to the original agreement) until you are fully happy with the final product.

We will be keeping in communication for the duration of the project in what ever form suits your needs.

If the marketing tool requires submission on the internet, we will advise you where it is posted for you to review.

That is it, it is as easy as that! Painless wasn't it?